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Sullivan Wright co-founders Michael Sullivan and Christopher Wright started with very different ideas of where they were going. One wanted to be a pilot; the other wanted to be a veterinarian – yet both grew up tinkering with computers.

Chris graduated with a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Arkansas but had aspirations to be a pilot in the US Air Force. He quickly realized the pilot’s seat wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of solving difficult engineering problems and making a real difference in the world, so he transferred into the Engineering and IT career field. Since he first learned to code in the 3rd grade, Chris somehow knew he’d make a difference with technology. After a few years, he found himself working in cybersecurity, securing systems vital to Air Force Space Command, Medicare and Medicaid, Homeland Security, and other government agencies. After traveling the world for 13 years, he came back home to Arkansas and continued his cyber security work with FIS, a global financial technology company. After a few years, he saw a new need and went into business for himself to use his expertise for the benefit of small businesses.

In addition to his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Chris also holds a Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems. He is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

Michael grew up working on computers. His first computer was an AT&T PC 6300 running MS-DOS. His father taught him BASIC programming and keyboard shortcut commands. During college, he worked for the United States Geological Survey in their IT department and as a Hydrology Aide in their biology section. Afterwards, Michael worked as a vet tech for a local veterinarian.

He graduated with a degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. With a degree emphasis on mammalian physiology, he was on the path to becoming a veterinarian. While working on applications, a friend asked him to help with an IT project that had become very complex. That one project led to another and another and another.

Soon after, Michael formed his first company, Cloud Media, LLC. Over 10 years, he used his medical knowledge and IT expertise to help medical clinics navigate the complex IT landscape. In addition to medical clinics, he worked with businesses across different industries to find highly customized solutions for their problems.

Chris and Michael met through a mutual acquaintance, and the fit was perfectly complimentary. Michael brought the medical expertise and big project management experience, and Chris brought the Space Control-level cyber security. After partnering together for almost a year, they merged into an integrated cyber-security, IT, and medical tech service for local healthcare organizations.

Sullivan Wright’s founders pride themselves on empowering the small businesses and local medical practices to be the big fish in secure, tech-enabled businesses. Each project is led in person by one of the founders, because they believe in clients as partners. Being a security first IT service provider, they can provide an all-encompassing IT solution for just about any Arkansas organization, with the best security baked in from the ground up. They bring decades of experience in cybersecurity and compliance, as well as a sociable team of hands-on experts.

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